Welcome to LB Horsemanship, LLC

Ever find yourself in these situations listed below?

  • Have you ever felt out of control while riding your horse in an arena or out on the trail?
  • Has your horse broke your confidence and now are facing some fears?
  • Does your horse fight the bit?
  • Is your horse disrespectful on the ground?
  • Are you a first time horse owner, or an experienced horse owner and are having problems and don’t know how to correct the problem?
  • Did you purchase a green broke horse with intentions of finishing them out and are not getting the results you want?
  • Or maybe, you have another situation that comes to mind you would like help on?

Or perhaps, you’ve owned horses for years and would like to take your training to an all new level!

At LB Horsemanship we can help you with the answer to these questions and more. Here, at LB Horsemanship we use the training methods of John and Josh Lyons. We feel that it is important to have a training foundation where the horse will have the experience of learning without pain and to understand what we are asking of them.

We do this by teaching horses with patience using specific cues that are rewarding, and the more precise the cues are to the horse the more solid the foundation becomes in their training. The result, is a confident owner and a horse that trusts its handler.

Whether you are a new horse owner to the advanced rider, LB Horsemanship can get you to where you want to be with your training and performance. We start by discussing the goals that you want to achieve with your horse. Then we will put a lesson plan together and begin the building blocks to get the results you want. LB Horsemanship travels to you to work with you and your horse providing a gentle hand, patience, and a fun atmosphere while you learn new skills and bond with your horse.

LB Horsemanship is located in Mt Vernon, Ohio. We have over 20 years of experience with horses. It is important for us that when we are working with our clients and their horses that we provide a safe environment insuring the safety of you, myself, and your horse. We look forward to working with you and making your horsemanship dreams come true!

About Lori

From Lori's very first horse to the horses that she owns today she has learned that horses can be a challenge as well as rewarding. All horses are different and learn at different paces. While some horses are easy to work with there are others that were more difficult. It was important for her to learn how to train her own horses, and then she wanted to be able to use what she had learned to teach other horse owners the methods she uses.

Lori learned that sending a horse off to a trainer could be frustrating. When she would receive a horse back things would go smoothly until she would run into a problem. She wanted to learn how to correct these issues herself and started researching and learning about professional trainers. John Lyons caught her attention and she loved his methods. It was important to her that she could teach a horse with patience and without harsh methods. And it was also important for her to be able to handle her horses more safely and John Lyons demonstrated that and more.

So now that she is a Certified Trainer herself, her goal is to be able to teach horse owners how to safely handle their horses with a pleasant training experience. She feels that by teaching horse owners how to correct problems themselves will help overcome fear, gain confidence, and bond them closer to their equine companions. Horses can be intimidating and this can cause a horse owner to want to give up. They give up because they don't know how or they are afraid. By having Lori help you with you and your horse she can teach you how to overcome those fears and correct problems that may arise.

Lori works with horses of all ages and she can help you start your young horse; Work with an older horse that may need some better ground manners or a tune up under saddle.

Contact Lori today to discuss a training program for you and your horse!

Training Exercise

Here is a list of some of the things we cover when it comes to working with you and your horse. If you don't see a topic on this list contact us and we can discuss what you would like to accomplish in your horses training.
Round Pen Work:
  • Outside & Inside Turns
  • Turn and Face You
  • Come to You Cue
  • Halter Breaking & Bridling
  • WESN Lesson
  • Spooking In Place
  • Sacking Out & Saddling Preparing For The First Few Rides
Bridle Work:
  • Disengaging The Hips
  • Softening The Nose
  • Softening The Nose To The Shoulder & Softening The Shoulder
  • Reverse Arc
  • Hips In
  • Back Up
  • Head Down / Calm Down Cue
Bridle Work Under Saddle:
  • First Few Rides
  • Disengaging the Hips
  • Softening the Nose & Shoulder
  • Shoulder Work
  • Clockwork & Reverse Arc
  • Hips In
  • Collection
  • Stopping & Back Up
  • Correct Leads and Lead Changes
  • Side Passing and Diagonals
  • Controlling Speed
  • Head Shyness
  • Handling the Feet
  • Trailer Loading
  • Crossing Obstacles
  • Ground Manners
  • Pulling Back While Tied & Teaching To Stand Tied
  • Standing Still While Mounting & Unmounting

Training Services

Private Sessions
  • 1 hr session: $35 (one rider only)
  • 2 hr session: $60
  • Half Day: $100
  • Full Day: $200
Semi-Private Sessions
  • 1 hr session: $25 (per rider)
  • 2 hr session: $50 (per rider)
  • Half Day: $75 (per rider)
  • Full Day: $150 (per rider)
Private Instruction Packages
  • 4 1 hr sessions $140 with one free session
  • 4 2 hr sessions $240 with one free session

Equine Massage

What are the benefits of equine massage?

Here is a short list of how it benefits your horse:
  • Alleviates pain, tension, and discomfort
  • Increases blood flow, oxygen circulation, and lymphatic flow
  • Increases range of motion and lubricates joints
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Reduces spasms and cramping
  • Releases endorphins (the bodies own natural pain killer)
  • Improves athletic performance

Whether your horse is young, old, big, small, broodmare, geriatric, pasture, pleasure horses, horses of all riding, driving disciplines, injured horses, or competitive performance horses they all can benefit from massage.

Massage Services:
  • Preventative/Maintenance Massage: $50
    60 – 70 minute massage
    horses are massaged every 3-6 weeks

  • Single Massage: $50
    60 – 70 minute massage

  • Group Session:
    Massage of 3 – 6 horses, same day, same farm: $40 per horse 60-70 minutes per horse

Note: Massages will be performed every 3-6 weeks
Stretching: $10
  • Purchase 4 massages and get one for free: $200 (must be paid in full at first session)
  • Purchase 8 massages and get two free massages: $400 (must be paid in full at first
Pre & Post Event Massage: $25 each or $40 for both (available for all types of horses)

I never realized how important massage therapy is and how it can benefit the body. After taking this class and learning its benefits, I will definitely be utilizing this in my training program. Knowing this will help my horses relax and recover from training sessions and competitions, eases my mind that they will be recharged and ready for their next performance or lesson! If you have any questions about equine massage feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions. We look forward to working with you and your horse!

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